Code of Practice and my Commitment

High standard of service – A Funeral Celebrant will uphold a high standard of service, maintaining respect and dignity in his or her Professional Conduct & Practice.

Recognition of significance of Funeral – A Funeral Celebrant recognises the social, cultural and moral significance of the Funeral Service in the Australian community, and the importance of strong and respectful family relationships.

Compliance with laws – A Funeral Celebrant must, at all times, be aware of and ensure compliance with Privacy, Discrimination and other Laws.

General requirements – The Funeral Celebrant will, where possible:

  • Leanne Orr Hobart Funeral CelebrantVisit the family and maintain open discussion with the point of contact in regard to the Funeral Service.
  • Give the parties information and guidance to enable them to choose or compose a service that will meet their needs and expectations.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the parties.
  • Ensure accuracy in the preparation and delivery of documents e.g. correct names, dates & spelling.
  • Confirm all details with the point of contact.
  • Ensure the return of all personal documents belonging to the parties.
  • Ensure familiarity with electronic devices and operations at the service venue.
  • Meet and reassure the point of contact & family members at the service.
  • Present the family with a presentation copy of the funeral service when offering final condolences.
  • If the Funeral Celebrant has agreed to perform more than one Service on the same day – ensure that all parties receive a level of Service that meets their separate and  special requirements.

Personal presentation – The Funeral Celebrant ensures:

  • Their personal presentation is of an appropriate standard for the Funeral Service and respect the expectations of the family.
  • The service is audible to all those present.
  • They arrive at the Service venue at least 20 minutes before the agreed starting time.